Manufacturers and Exporters of all sorts of Dental, Surgical, Beauty Care, Hollow-ware, ENT, Veterinary, Miniatures, TC and Orthodontic Instruments.
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    Surgical Instruments
    Dental Instruments
    ENT Instruments
    Beauty Instruments
    Hollowware Instruments
    Miniature Instruments
   Hollowware Instruments Box
Instruments Box
Available in these sizes:- 100x40x25 mm 100x40x50 mm 140x80x40 mm 140x80x50 mm 170x70x30 mm 170x120x40 mm 170x120x50 mm 175x75x40 mm 175x75x50 mm 180x60x30 mm 180x60x40 mm
Instruments Box
Available in these sizes:- 180x75x40 mm 180x80x20 mm 180x80x30 mm 180x80x40 mm 180x90x30 mm 180x90x40 mm 180x90x50 mm 200x80x30 mm 200x80x40 mm 200x80x50 mm 200x90x30 mm
Instruments Box
Available in these sizes:- 200x90x30 mm 200x90x40 mm 200x90x50 mm 200x100x30 mm 200x100x40 mm 200x100x50 mm 200x100x60 mm 200x140x20 mm 200x140x30 mm
Instruments Box
Available in these sizes:- 210x100x30 mm 210x110x40 mm 210x110x50 mm 220x120x50 mm 220x120x60 mm 220x120x80 mm 220x120x100 mm 230x130x50 mm 230x130x60 mm 230x150x50 mm 230x150x80 mm 250x125x50 mm 250x125x70 mm 250x125x100 mm 260x150x50 mm 260x150x70 mm 280x140x50 mm 280x140x70 mm 280x140x100 mm 300x100x50 mm 300x100x70 mm 300x100x100 mm 300x150x50 mm 300x150x100 mm 300x180x50 mm 320x80x40 mm 320x80x50 mm 320x120x50 mm 320x120x80 mm 320x120x100 mm 320x150x50 mm 320x150x70 mm 330x100x30 mm 330x100x50 mm 340x165x50 mm 340x160x80 mm 360x240x50 mm 360x240x80 mm 360x240x100 mm 400x200x50 mm 400x200x80 mm 400x200x100 mm 400x300x50 mm 400x300x80 mm 400x300x100 mm 430x180x50 mm 430x180x80 mm 450x300x50 mm 450x300x80 mm 450x300x100 mm 500x210x50 mm 500x210x80 mm 500x210x100 mm 500x210x120 mm
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