Manufacturers and Exporters of all sorts of Dental, Surgical, Beauty Care, Hollow-ware, ENT, Veterinary, Miniatures, TC and Orthodontic Instruments.
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TC Medicline International manufactures innovative and top quality products for medical professionals. TC Medicline offers comprehensive products line which include


1-     Dental Instruments

2-     Surgical Instruments

3-     Beauty care Instruments

4-     Hollowware’s / Sterilization

5-     ENT (Otoscopes) Instruments

6-     Miniatures Instruments with Key Rings (Gift and Promotional Items)

7-     Orthodontics

8-     Veterinary


Our instruments are made out of high quality German, French and Japanese stainless steel, Titanium and Tungsten Carbide. By the Virtue of Management Commitment , employees dedication, skill and expertise, innovation and edge of modern technology,

TC Medicline International continuously stepped forward and appeared as icon of quality on the desktop of Dental, Surgical, Beauty care, ENT, Hollowware, Sterilization and Miniatures Industry.

TC Medicline believes in providing products with the best quality workmanship, highest standards of service and competitive prices with on time delivery, good working condition, fair wages and respect for the environment. TC Medicline always discourages child labour and participates in efforts to eliminate child labour from the third world manufacturing countries.

TC Medicline gained valuable knowledge after working many years closely with the Instrumentation Industry. TC Medicline is working like a bridge to connect suppliers & buyers of Dental, Surgical, Beauty care, Hollowware, Sterilization, ENT, Miniatures with key rings (Gift and Promotional Items) .Our staffs have a combined background of over many years experience in the industry. This experience allows us to provide our customers with vast product knowledge, care, handling and maintenance.

We believe in God at any stage. We fully hope you will appreciate our efforts and we believe on improvement. Your valued suggestions to improvement would be highly appreciated by us. 

TC Medicline International

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