Manufacturers and Exporters of all sorts of Dental, Surgical, Beauty Care, Hollow-ware, ENT, Veterinary, Miniatures, TC and Orthodontic Instruments.
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    Surgical Instruments
    Dental Instruments
    ENT Instruments
    Beauty Instruments
    Hollowware Instruments
    Miniature Instruments


Medlling Instruments, Wax Knives

Extracting Instruments

Plaster Instruments, Plaster Shears

Chisels, Bone Files, Curettes, Mallets

Impression Trays, Articulators

Scalpels, Ginglvectomy Instruments, Scissor, Forceps

Prosthetics, Orthodontic and Laboratory

Tongue Depressors, Retractors, Mouth Gags, Needle Holders

Cuticle and Nail Nippers

Mouth Mirror Handle, Cotton and Dressing Pliers (Tweezers)


Scalers, Periodontal Instruments, Curettes.    

Cutting Instruments, Excavators, Probes and Explorers.    

Nerve - Root Canal Instr. Filling Instr. Amalgam Guns, Cement Spatulas    

Matrix Retainers, Rubber Dum Instruments    
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